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Complete the vendor registration below in order to gain access to the Global Vendor Network for all tribal vendors.    

In order to transact business with the participating tribes; you must "first" register with the Global Vendor Network (GVN) for all tribal vendors.  The GVN is focused on promoting American Indian business, by providing vendors access to the purchasing needs of all tribal enterprises.  Your annual registration fee also includes a comprehensive background screening report; aimed at ensuring our tribal partners receive access to highly rated vendors which exceed the expectations of their customers.  There are many other benefits as follows:

  • (1) one automated registration for all participating tribes.
  • Access to view / bid on all "Request for Proposals" (RFP's) issued from the participating tribes.
  • Access to send / view / bid "Request for Proposals" (RFP's) to/from other vendors.
  • Increase your business revenue with an ever-growing market of participating tribes.
  • Vendor ratings system; allows your business to standout from your peers.
  • An online marketplace; capable of creating commerce between vendors as well as tribes (in development).
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