About Red Rock Innovations

Red Rock Innovations, LLC (RRI) was formed in 2016 and is a minority owned and operated company based in Wayzata, MN.  Red Rock Innovations is focused on bringing technology and automation to all Tribal Enterprises, Tribal Governments and Tribal Gaming Commissions.  We specialize in the unique design and development of a "tribal" focused technology to connect all enterprises and their purchasing needs with fully vetted vendors to meet their needs.

Our software, the "Global Tribal Network" was designed and developed by the Red Rock Innovations team.  We provide technology solutions to identify American Indian owned businesses, automated issuance of RFP's, electronic vendor registration and licensing tools, plus many more features.  The Global Tribal Network is expanding outside the state of Minnesota, focused on bringing our solution to tribal nations in both the United States and Canada.  As we move forward into 2021, Red Rock Innovations is focused on increasing vendor competition to lower costs in Indian country; all while providing a cost-free technology to effectively manage the process.

The pandemic has taught everyone that automation and efficiency are the "new normal" as we move to the future.  Red Rock Innovations is the leader when it comes to harnessing the purchasing power of tribal nations.